What ages do you train?
We focus on age 7 all the way up to college level.
(Upon parent request, we would consider ages 5-7 on an individual basis.)
Do you offer group or private training?
We offer small group private training because we believe that players thrive better in a small group, guided by what they see others capable of doing. We offer Small Group lessons year-round, M-F 3-7p and Sat 9a-12p.
How much experience does my child need to train with you?
Will my child be working directly with Manzy?
Our goal is to meet your schedule. If Manzy is available he will be the one training, but our staff works under Manzy’s leadership and will delivery the same level and quality of training.
How is Manzy's coaching style different from other coaches?
We focus on the lower body to teach players how to use their legs to leverage strength and stability. We also emphasize the mental part of the game. We always add encouragement throughout, because it is an important driving force to get the best from each student. We identify your student’s style. For example, some like to throw submarine or sidearm. Others have certain preferences, and we build on these. As Yogi Berra once infamously said, "Baseball is 90 percent mental; the other half is physical."
Where are you located?
3801 S Pine Island Davie, FL 33328. We are located at Bamford Park just south of the building between the Recycling Center and The Orioles Field.
What kind of equipment does my child need?
Glove, Baseball bat, Baseball Cleats, Batting Gloves, Helmet, and Water bottle. Shorts and sneakers are also necessary for conditioning. If you need information or guidance on what equipment is best for your child, an instructor will help determine what is best for their specific needs.
How much training does my child need?
None, just a willingness to learn.
How much should my child be practicing outside of lessons with Manzy?
It depends on the goals of the student.
What are your prices?
It depends on the age and what they are training for. All prices and descriptions are also available on the website when you create an account.

Evaluation: no cost
Pitching Single Session, age 7-12: $35
Pitching Single Session, age 13-High School: $45
Hitting and/or Fielding: $45

For the purposes of consistent training, development programs require that all lessons be taken within 60 days. Missed lessons are non-transferable.
Ages 7-12 (Distance from mound: 46’-50’)
Pitchers-4 sessions: $110
Pitchers-8 sessions: $215

Ages 12-High School (Distance from the mound: 54’-60’6”)
Pitchers 4 sessions: $150
Pitchers 8 sessions: $290
Pitchers 12 sessions: $430

College Pricing for pitchers
Hitting and fielding - 4 sessions: $150
Catchers - 4 sessions: $150
Do I have to commit to a certain number of lessons?
There is no commitment, but we suggest giving us a month so your child can get the feel for our program.
How do I book my lessons?
Call in to get scheduled for an initial evaluation. The rest of your sessions can be booked online at the website or through the MemberMe app. MemberMe is used to schedule sessions only; no payments are accepted. Our website allows you to schedule and pay.
What happens when the weather is bad?
Pitching - if it’s not raining or thundering we will continue training.
Fielding - if it rains we cancel. Parents will be notified of cancellations due to weather.