MLB Pitcher 1983-2004, 21 years
Boston Red Sox
Milwaukee Brewers
New York Mets
New York Yankees
Seattle Mariners
New York Mets
Pittsburgh Pirates
Cincinnati Reds
Florida Marlins
Josias was born in San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic – the country that produces the highest percentage of foreign-born MLB players. When he was 16 years old, a Red Sox scout told his mom he wanted to sign Josias. A few weeks after being signed, Josias called his mom telling her he wanted to go back…He did not know the language and did not have the right clothes for the weather. Josias' mom said, “you will only come back if you get released.” His mother's unwavering belief in her son and his ability gave him the inspiration he needed to push forward and never give up.

He spent many years in the minor leagues until he learned that, although physically capable to be in the Major Leagues, he had to learn that success comes only with the right mindset. His debut was on Oct 5, 1991 for the Boston Red Sox. He spent over 8 years at Major League level, and exceeded rookie limits during the 1994 season.

After 21 years of pitching professionally, he decided to dedicate his life to developing young players and teaching them the technical and mental aspects of the game. In 2004, he started teaching players and in 2011, Manzy and his wife Delmaris founded Manzy’s Pitching Farm.

He teaches every day, and continues to say that he played in Major League Baseball to do what he enjoys most…teaching kids.

He is beloved by his players and their parents for not only being a skilled coach, but also for being an amazing, caring mentor and a Christ follower. See for yourself…
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Professional Pitcher 2005-2008, 4 years
Cincinnati Reds
Toronto Blue Jays
Italian National Team
Right out of high school (Cooper City High School and Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory), Cammy was drafted by the Chicago White Sox. Instead he accepted an athletic scholarship for the University of Miami where he started for three years and appeared in the College World Series twice. As a senior at UM he was drafted for a second time, launching his MLB career.

Having faced a career-ending injury, Cammy cares deeply about his player’s health and teaching them techniques and skills that prevent injuries. He simply loves the game, and brings that joy to every player he works with.

Cammy is the biggest Miami Hurricanes Football fan. So when he's not on the baseball field, he's watching a game.
Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico
United States
Born in Santo Domingo, Coach Jose Luna was outstanding as the best youth manager of his time. For three straight years he led the “Supermercado Dominicano” to the championship in tournaments organized by the National District Council.

After this, Luna moved to Puerto Rico, where he helped and advised players such as Carlos Ríos, Carlos Baerga, Juan Igor González, Bernie Williams, and others. In 1978 he was recruited as a scout by the Pittsburgh Pirates in Puerto Rico. He signed players such as José and Orlando Lind, Orlando Merced, and several more baseball professionals. In 1990 he was promoted by the Pirates as a representative for Latin America. His initial participation in the Summer Tournament in Santo Domingo was under this role, where he managed the Summer League Pirates who won the tournament for the first time.

In 1993 he moved to Miami after being named Latin American Coordinator. He also worked as a Scout Supervisor and worked in the USA Draft. At this time he signed Dominican José Nicolás, the second player ever to be signed for more than US$ 500,000. He also signed players from Venezuela, Panama, Colombia, and other countries.

As an experienced scout, Coach Luna is able to see particular strengths and weaknesses in each player he trains, and he uses these insights to develop them to the best of their abilities. When Luna is not working, you can find him on the field teaching his son how to play ball.